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3 Things (plus a bonus answer) that Sell a Home

If I ask you what three things sell a home I bet you’ll answer, “LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!” And you know what? You’re right. Location does matter. A lot. But can YOU do anything about the location of your home? Not really. (Or, at least, not without a lot of money and a Very Big Truck.) So let’s focus instead on things within your control that will have an impact on how quickly/for how much your home sells.

    1. De-clutter – you’re going to pack anyway so you might as well get started! Consider leasing a storage garage or POD so you can create as much space in your home as possible.
    2. Depersonalize – you want the buyers looking at your house, not your family pictures and memorabilia, trying to figure out if they know you somehow.
    3. Repair – if you know something is broken, fix it. Replace worn toilet seats or banged up screens, patch holes in drywall, etc.
    1. Curb Appeal – if weather permits put out a container or two of cheery flowers, and make sure the lawn is well tended and free of weeds or debris.
    2. Light & Space – open curtains and blinds so light can stream inside, make sure the entryway is spacious as possible so buyers and their Realtor can get inside and begin their tour.
    3. Clean & Tidy – Your home has to be immaculate, things need to be put away (neatly!) and there can’t be any lingering odors from kids/pets/food/sports equipment.
  3. PRICE
    1. Don’t “Test the Waters” – It may be tempting to try and get “more” than your house is worth but this often backfires because the appraisal will very likely come in low, which is stressful for everyone, and ultimately wastes everyone’s time because the right buyer won’t even see your home.
    2. Don’t “Undersell” – Sometimes sellers just “want to get rid of it” and drastically undervalue their home, which can lead to it languishing on the market because something must be wrong with it, right?
    3. Do a Market Analysis – Looking at recent market data of similarly comparable homes will show you – like it or not – what your home will likely fetch when it sells. Evaluating this data will give you the best chance of pricing your home to sell, which is what you want to do after all!

And here’s a bonus: use a PROFESSIONAL. Your REALTOR® will assist you with all three of these things. She or he can help you identify ways to de-clutter and put you in touch with contractors to make repairs, be that discerning eye for how your home shows to potential buyers and has access to all the market data and the experience to evaluate it so your home is priced right.
Natasha Wendt | Urban Acres

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