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4 Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

The ability to save time and money while still making healthy choices is an aspiration in many of our lives. The tools we use every day in our kitchens help make cooking for ourselves and our families easier, but there is always room for improvement! With the proliferation of smartphones and the decreasing costs of technology, more and more devices are being built with the power to connect to the Internet, bringing a whole new level of features and abilities to electronics, appliances, and tools that already fulfill an important role in our homes. Check out these new, Internet-connected gadgets that can help you save time and money in your kitchen.

Wi-Fi Connective Oven

The strides taken in technological capability have skyrocketed since the electric stove became popular in the 1920s. Dinner is at 6:00 P.M., but you have to to be somewhere and won’t have time to stand around waiting for your meal to cook. No worries! The new GE Wall Oven connects to Wi-Fi and allows you to set timers, preheat, and check cooking status from the palm of your hand. No matter where you are, you have the capability to cook a meal on time and to perfection.


How many times have you gone to the grocery store just to get home and realize you forgot something? Or, the sour cream you had relied on for tonight’s recipe is no longer good, so it’s right back to the store. A new gadget not only makes grocery shopping more efficient but can save you hundreds of dollars in food waste. According to the NRDC, the average American family of four ends up tossing the equivalent of $2,275 of food into the trash annually (CSMonitor). Instead of having to tighten your belt in order to afford that new home or family vacation, purchasing this gadget could keep some money in your pocket. The FridgeCam allows you to see what is in your fridge at all times no matter where you are in the world. Every time the fridge is opened a new picture is taken and sent to your smartphone. The application that goes along with it will also track and remind you of the foods in your fridge that are expiring soon. No more duplicate purchases, food waste, or unnecessary purchases. Over time the device will also remember items from your fridge and will add them to the shopping list before you do. Save money, time, and sanity with this simplistic, yet intelligent device.


Drop is an interactive food scale that makes cooking, baking, and food preparation so much easier. The scale is able to connect to Wi-Fi, and using the Drop app it can pull information from recipes. The scale is capable of rescaling measurements and will also find substitutes if you are out of a certain ingredient. Precision has never tasted so good.

Smarter Coffee 2.0

What’s better than waking up to the fresh smell of coffee in the morning? A new gadget allows you to enjoy coffee catered specifically to your needs and schedule. For basics, you can simply just plug in the strength and amount of your brew, right from your tablet. The coffee maker also has modes that can be prompted by times or geolocation, so right when you walk in the door or wake up a fresh pot will be there waiting for you. The coffee pot is also capable of pairing with other devices like IFTT and Amazon’s Alexa. If your Fitbit senses you had a bad night of sleep the pot can make you a stronger brew of coffee when the timer goes off in the morning. Another perk is how cost effective it is. The pot comes with a metal, reusable filter, so you won’t have to continuously buy paper filters. Since it also capable of making coffee brewed to your specific needs you won’t have to spend that $5 at the coffee shop every day.

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