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Five Key Trends for 2016

Thinking of buying or selling? Then 2016 is the year and now is the time with the market about to pick up as the weather warms up. Give an Urban Acres agent a call today to get started!

Not only will this be a good year to buy or sell, but it is also important to note who the primary demographic will be in 2016 and how they will conduct their research. Millennials will be the primary buying/selling demographic of whom most will be first-time home buyers conducting research on the internet.

At Urban Acres, we are very proud to have a seasoned group of REALTORS® with decades of experience to best assist even the most inexperienced home buyers. Most of our energy and resources are focused on our website and all our social media platforms. We also share a renewed mission to introduce innovative ideas and solutions, whether through technology or transaction processes, in our quest to make buying, selling, or exploring easier.

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