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Turning Real Estate Upside Down

The world looks different from every corner and every angle. It’s all about perspective!

At Urban Acres, we don’t only sell homes, we build communities. In fact, our entire approach to real estate is different. Each of our members is an owner in our company. We take locally owned to heart. Every one of our clients has the support, resources, and expertise of our entire team behind every transaction.

That means everything you need — from start to finish — can be done with our Urban Acres in-house team.

We operate with integrity. We lead by example. We give back to our communities. We care about the view from your corner of the world.

We share a renewed mission to introduce innovative ideas and solutions, whether through technology or transaction processes, in our quest to make buying, selling, or exploring every angle — easier.

Join us at the Home Show February 10-12th to see how Urban Acres is turning real estate upside down.

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