Houses into Homes

Did You Know?

Did you know there are families in our community living in empty homes without beds or furniture? Houses into Homes helps families and individuals exiting homelessness, domestic violence, and other crisis situations by providing beds, furniture, and other household items. In its first year, Houses into Homes gave 213 beds to local families and saved 5,000 cubic square feet of mattresses and box springs from the landfills. 

Urban Acres has partnered with Houses into Homes to raise awareness for this critical need. Several of our agents serve on the organization’s board of directors, and many volunteer their time to help Houses into Homes deliver beds and furniture. As the organization’s exclusive real estate partner, Urban Acres hosts an annual fundraiser, encourages donations, and recruits volunteers to assist during deliveries, pick up donations, and help organize donated items.


More than $3,000 raised in the first year of the partnership


300+ local families impacted

“You feel like a human being, being able to go and lay in your bed, sit on your couch, sit at the table and eat your food, even having dishes to eat your food. It doesn’t seem like something when it’s something you’re used to having all your life. It doesn’t seem like a big deal that you have a plate or that you have a bowl or cups or anything, but when you look around and you don’t have those things and you don’t have the means to get those things, it’s like top priority. It’s the only thing you think about because you’re walking around your safe place and it’s not feeling so warm and safe”

— Donation Recipient

“What I enjoy the most is my kitchen table. It’s really nice and I love it. It’s my favorite because it gives us a moment where we can sit down and eat as a family, talk over things that happened in a day. It gives me relaxation. It’s where everyone comes to meet up and as long as we have something to sit on, it makes it more comfortable.”


— Donation Recipient