A wooden bench surrounded with fall leaves

Autumn Inventory

Fall is here! Embrace the unbelievable warmth this November and take a weekend day to be sure your home is prepared for the inevitable cold that will come our way (someday!).


Heating & Cooling

  • Clean or change your furnace filters. A smart move would also be to have a professional heating contractor come service your furnace, which includes making sure it’s operating safely.
  • Make sure your furnace and air conditioner are free of surrounding debris, plants, or storage items.
  • If you have a boiler, check the water level and shut off valves for leaks.

Roof & Exterior

  • Take a good look at your shingles to be sure there are none that are missing or damaged.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts – this is critical especially if your home is under a big tree and helps prevent water intrusion to the basement.
  • Be sure trees and bushes are trimmed away from the roof and walls.
  • If you have a woodburning fireplace, consider hiring a chimney sweep to clean and inspect your chimney.
  • Take a close look at decks, patios, and porches to be sure they are safe and secure. Make a mental note of any spring maintenance projects you’ll want to do.
  • Walk all the way around your home examining your siding for holes, chipping paint, and your caulking around protrusions to be sure it’s intact.

Doors & Windows

  • Check weather stripping around doors to be sure it’s in good condition.
  • Check for missing screens or broken or cracked window panes.
  • Check for loose or missing glazing putty.


  • Make sure all faucets, hose bibbs and supply valves are functioning properly and then appropriately prepared for winter.
  • Check the main water shut off valve for ease of operation and leakage.
  • If you have a lawn sprinkler, inspect it for exposed lines or leaky valves.
  • Check under sinks and around tubs and toilets for signs of leaking.


  • Test your GFCI outlets and circuit breakers to be sure they function properly.
  • Be sure all your lamp and extension cords show no signs of wear.

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