A Crafty Town of Quilts and More

It’s known as the ‘Quilt Capital of Iowa,’ but Kalona has much more to offer. The town is home to an entrepreneurial Amish community that produces high-quality, organic products and residents who appreciate a simpler way of living. In recent years, new residents have started Kalona SuperNatural, a brand of organic dairy goods, and Kalona Brewing Company, an award-winning craft brewery. Kalona’s historic cheese factory, Kalona Creamery, is also a popular town attraction. 


Largest Amish community west of the Mississippi River


1879 Kalona first known as Bulltown for a shorthorn breeding service


Iowa Mennonite School (IMS) is Iowa’s only Mennonite school

The downtown area is made up of a collection of locally owned shops and restaurants that offer antiques, P. Buckley Moss artwork, locally brewed beer, fresh bakery treats, handmade crafts, and mouthwatering cuisine. During certain times of the year, the quaint streets come alive with celebrations like the Fall Festival, vintage car shows, bluegrass festivals, and the Kalona Quilt Show and Sale. Those who want to learn more about the town’s Amish and Mennonite culture can take a tour and see rug-weaving or cheese-making demonstrations and watch a meal being prepared in an Amish/Mennonite home.

Schools at a Glance

School District:

Mid-Prairie Community School District


Niche Public Schools Rating


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