Surprise and Delight

Did You Know?

Whether it’s rewarding the hardworking teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students or helping a family in need, Urban Acres loves recognizing the people in our community who make it a great place to live. 

Throughout the year, we coordinate giveaways and invite nominations to acknowledge outstanding acts of selflessness and generosity. We’ve provided Thanksgiving meals to families dealing with financial and health challenges, honored veterans for their service with holiday prize packs, and expressed our gratitude for educators by publicly recognizing their service


More than 300 nominations received to recognize outstanding individuals in the community



4 Surprise and Delight initiatives hosted each year


I was so surprised and humbled by the generous nominations and gift of flowers from Urban Acres. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to surprise each teacher and staff at Lemme with a rose on Valentine’s Day. The teachers and staff at Lemme work tirelessly to create a loving and academically rich learning environment for each student, so rewarding them this way was fun. Thank you, Urban Acres!


Eliza Proctor, Principal at Lemme Elementary

“I enjoy giving back to the wonderful teachers and schools in my West Branch community.  They all help shape our future generations,  and THAT deserves free sno-cones at the very least! “


— Marcy Willier, REALTOR® at Urban Acres

“United Action for Youth (UAY) is so grateful to Urban Acres for supporting young people and young parents through our fall Back to School, Back to Work Campaign! With their Surprise and Delight contribution, UAY was able to purchase 20 yoga mats for our Young Women’s Retreat and 4 backpacks for youth preparing to go back to school. Thank you!”


Mickey Hampton, United Action for Youth