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Whit Lovelace, REALTOR®

The Wheel-tor

Buying or selling a home with this REALTOR® is an enjoyable ride. Straightforward, colorful, and knowledgeable, working with Whit is the most fun you’ll ever have in real estate. Time, perspective, and experience have given him an edge in the market—he’s had the pleasure of being an expert in many niches, including residential, commercial, home remodeling, and rental properties.  

Born and raised in Iowa City, Whit has established deep roots and grown with the city and surrounding area. He, his wife, Lia, and their sons, Nick and Alex, have lived in many homes and neighborhoods throughout the city. Whit is proud to have been involved in Cub Scouts and coached little league baseball for several years.

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Iowa City, IA

Agent Since
Agent Since


Urban or Acres
Urban or Acres?

I’m more than a little urban.

  • Specializations: Residential, remodeling, home flipping, rental, commercial
  • Community Involvement: Cub Scouts, Little League baseball, U of I Homecoming Parade
  • Favorite Iowa City Establishment: Dane’s Dairy
  • Favorite Sports Team: The Hawkeyes
  • Best Part of Iowa: Iowa City is my home, and I have been so lucky to have met so many great people through this job. This city has an effect on everyone and almost always for the better.
  • One Thing You’d Never Guess: I am an avid gardener with a full yard of flowers and a small pond. 

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