How Video and Virtual Tours Are Keeping the Real Estate Market Moving

Taking a FaceTime tour with an agent? Attending a video showing? Working with your agent to buy a home sight unseen after a virtual tour? The coronavirus has made technology an important part of the buying and selling process, and that trend is likely here to stay.

The way we do real estate looks a little differently nowadays, but the spring real estate market is alive and well, in large part thanks to technology. Even before social distancing went into effect, many of our agents were using virtual and video tours to help buyers and sellers. Now, our agents are using those same tools to provide an important virtual alternative to in-person showings and to help keep our clients, community, and agents safe, even as things in our community begin to reopen.

Video Tours and Virtual Tours: What’s the Difference?

Whether it’s a professionally-filmed video of a listing on our website or a FaceTime video with an agent, video tours offer buyers the ability to see the home from the comfort of their current home. It also helps to limit the number of people attending in-person showings or walkthroughs, reducing exposure for everyone involved.

Virtual or 3D tours, on the other hand, are interactive and allow potential buyers to click through and explore the interior of a home at their own pace. Their immersive nature makes users feel like they’re really there in the home, even if they’re miles or states away. They also help to give a better idea of room proportions and room relations, such as where the bedrooms sit in relation to the bathroom. 

Aside from being a safe alternative to an in-person showing, video and virtual tours offer another major benefit: convenience. Browsing through homes late at night? Only have a few minutes to look at a home over lunch break? Video and virtual tours have you covered. 

While technology can’t replace the local expertise of our agents, it can help supplement your home search or home sale as our agents guide you through the buying and selling process. Still want to be able to ask your agent questions as you take a virtual tour? Our agents are more than happy to set up a time to  “walk through” the video and virtual tour with you to answer your questions as you explore the home together, just like you would at an in-person showing.

Are video and virtual tours effective?

The short answer: yes. Here’s how these tours can help both buyers and sellers.

How do virtual and video tours help buyers?

Much of the world may be on pause during the pandemic, but with video and virtual tours, buyers don’t have to pause their home search. Virtual tours offer a safe and social distance-approved way to continue pursuing your dream home. 

Buyers are increasingly taking advantage of these tools. We’ve seen an uptick in buyers purchasing a home sight unseen after doing a virtual or video walkthrough. While this may seem like a big decision to make without setting foot in the home first, virtual and video tours can also be used as a first step to narrow down your list of homes, “weeding out” the ones that perhaps aren’t worth visiting in person.

How do virtual and video tours help sellers?

Selling your home during a pandemic may not be ideal, but our video and virtual tours can help you do so safely. These online tours limit the number of people walking through your current home, protecting you and your family by minimizing your exposure. 

This technology also continues to give your home listing visibility, even during a time of social distancing. Homes are continuing to sell as buyers take advantage of these tools. Even after the pandemic is behind us, our virtual and video tours will remain a great way to give your home listing the edge by giving buyers the opportunity to browse the inside of your home (virtually) at their convenience. Ready to put your home on the market? Just ask your Urban Acres listing agent what options are available. 

Are in-person showings still an option?

Yes – social distancing style. If you’re ready to visit a home in-person, our agents can set up private showings. Our agents will be sure to maintain at least six feet of distance during these showings and minimize contact with surfaces in the home. See our coronavirus preventative measures blog for more information on the steps we’re taking to help protect buyers, sellers, and the community during in-person showings. 

In Summary

Long story short, real estate is still happening. Since the day we opened, we’ve been using technology to help make our clients’ lives easier, and now those same tools are allowing us to continue helping buyers and sellers safely in the Corridor. 

Like many industries, the way we do real estate will likely continue to look different even after the pandemic is behind us. As people become more and more accustomed to the convenience of virtual and video tours, the tools we have available will continue to play a big role in helping buyers and sellers throughout their real estate journey.

Have questions about how our technology can help you buy or sell your home? Reach out and one of our agents would be happy to help!

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